We will tailor the mouldmaking to suit your prototype, whether for white metal or resin casting. Joint lines will be placed in the most suitable position. We have developed techniques for reducing mismatch at joint lines to a minimum and our castings have no shrinkage. White metal casting is completely different from resin casting. A mould for white metal casting (producing items like body, chassis, seats, wheels, bumpers, steering wheel, etc.) will allow a production life of about 300-500 sets.

Small parts like seats, steering wheels, door handles, etc., are always produced more cheaply in white metal. The mould life for resin casting is only suitable for runs of about 35, therefore a run of 100, for example, would need three moulds. We suggest that, for runs of 100 or more, white metal is the better way to go. White metal versus resin is also a matter of taste, but we feel that white metal gives a model a value forever. This is why we manufacture our own models in white metal. We use resin if a lower weight is vital (for example slot car racing) or if the customer prefers this.

Vulcanised siliconemoulds for whitemetalcasting